Deniot’s Designs

Since we highlighted a unique project last week, I thought today we could focus on an individual designer and their complete oeuvre. Now, French design is generally lumped into the classical category which can be uneventfully traditional. However, our highlighted designer today is French and uses his francophilia in a modern way giving his interiors a timeless elegance that plays on long-established modes of décor. Jean Louis Deniot’s work is primarily en France but he has worked around the world. His interiors are marked by a beautiful symmetry, neutral palette, and clean lines that enhance the clarity of his design. His taste in lighting fixtures is unquestionably fabulous, and blasts of metallic sheen resonate throughout each project. To me, he’s at his best in city apartments where it seems he is most inspired: his urban projects seem to me at once classic and mechanical in their precision and fashionability. What do you think about Deniot’s design?

Jean-Louis Deniot, Paris, Avenue Montaigne Apartment, 2








Jean-Louis Deniot, Paris, Avenue D'eylau, 3





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