NoMadic Peoples

What could be more fun than designing an ENTIRE hotel in one of the coolest districts in one of the best cities in the entire world? Having trouble finding an answer? So are we. Right now we are semi-obsessed with the NoMad Hotel in NYC designed by Jacques Garcia. The NoMad[1] district is caught in the crossing of various other trendy neighborhoods of Manhatten: Chelsea flanks one side, Midtown South/Times Square on another, Gramercy Park and the Flatiron District, it’s centrally located between east and west, and easily accessible to other fashionable quarters like SoHo, Greenwich and the Meatpacking District. Within this web of neighborhoods one can find the NoMad Hotel complete with 160 rooms with an elegant and fresh combination of leather armchairs, clawfoot bathtubs, and salon-like walls. The feel, while inclined a bit towards classical pieces, has a distinctly modern feel to it even while overlooking various historic New York buildings. Its minimal décor maximizes the feeling of clean lines and sharp fabrics. The dining area leans more towards Garcia’s French upbringing with traditional French pieces yet inspired by modern pattern/fabric mixing. The overall feel of the furniture complements the architecture within. But enough of my babbling. See for yourself!














[1] An abbreviation of North of Madison Square Park.


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