Living Library

What could be more dreamy than a library in your own home? Ever since the Beast offered Belle his library in Beauty and the Beast, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all at least considered implementing towers of bookshelves with a ladder that slides along the wall. No? Well we have. Books are magical in their own right and a bookshelf filled with good reads feels a bit like an accomplishment. But a whole room of books?! Enchanting, majestic and delightful are some words that come to mind.



However, we do realize that saving a whole room for books may be a little unrealistic. But there are tons of ways to display your books in a fashionable, décor-friendly way to make your books look both intellectual and beautiful. Bookshelves are the usual route: a lot of people have them built in to their homes so a mini-library may already be a possibility for some, yet the portable bookshelf can be a great way to get creative with book organization. Right now, I am sort of obsessed with this bee hive bookshelf from Noir. It’s a great shape and it doesn’t look like everything I see all the time.




But hey, we can’t all find bee hive bookshelves. To break up the monotony of book spines, make sure you change it up by turning them horizontally and vertically. Placing small stacks of books on tables make for great décor as well, choose some with pretty covers to catch the eyes of onlookers. Another way to add spice to your bookshelf is with bookends.[1] Little decorative items also differentiate spines so that you create a dynamic and exciting curio case.




Also, we are kind of into this book nook. What a thought!


Now organizing your books can be a fun experiment. Some people like to keep it straight alphabetical so they know what goes where, by whom, etc. Some just don’t care—wherever you can fit it, shove it in. But cataloging your books by themes[2] can bring a bit of intrigue for book owner and visitor. Color coding spines is also a fun project like the extremist who put white spines together in white shelves with white chairs![3] Library-ing your home is a great décor/display project and a lovely reason to invest in some literature that—let’s be honest—who cares if you actually read!

image 3
This one and the pictures following are some of the genres our books fall under/how they’re organized.
photo (6)
photo (5)
photo (2)

[1] And really, you can make anything a book end.

[2] The way we do at the bookstore at Oxford Exchange

[3] Hope you don’t spill anything!


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