Go Toward the (Natural) Light!

If on the off-chance you find yourself designing or planning or just daydreaming about a corporate office,[1] we believe one of the necessities of said space is natural light. Now, when a building is being planned the architect will orient the building in a way that can take advantage of and maximize the use of natural light via windows and skylights. This little practice is called daylighting. Daylighting is beneficial not only for the workers eyeballs but it also conserves energy. In my humble opinion, the more natural light in an office, the better. For me, fluorescent lights are riddled with problems: older lights flicker perceptibly which not only makes you feel like you’re taking crazy pills but for some sensitive folks can cause migraines, nausea/vertigo and fatigue. Newer fluorescent lights still flicker, but is imperceptible to the human brain, however some people still feel that they can sense the flickering causing the fluorescent light induced migraines etc. Even without all of these health issues, I just feel like no one wants to take a break from staring at the computer by looking out into a depressing cubicle bathed in fluorescent light, it just seems so hard on one’s eyes. But windows that provide natural light and land/city/sea-scapes can give your eyes a rest so that you can relax, regroup and get back to work. Some even argue that large windows promote better work ethic because employees don’t feel they are in an office, but rather are in a natural setting. And you know what else? It’s prettier. Natural light is just prettier than fake, fluorescent glare.









[1] Or even a home office


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