Super Supper Club

Although the period of holiday fete-ing is over, throwing parties is still a most wonderful and fun experience. Dinner parties in particular are most enjoyable. Last week, Oxford Exchange held its first Supper Club referencing the theme of the Roaring Twenties.[1] We transformed OE, a coffee shop/tea bar/restaurant/book store/gift shop into a speakeasy straight out of the Prohibition era. We did a little research on the period and found out the hot drinks, the type of food, and the atmosphere. [2] Italian food, mobsters, and bathtub gin were in so we did our best to recreate the age of the Lost Generation.

Ice Cube

Playing dress-up with your home is easy with a few simple tips. Throwing a table cloth on your dining table can help dress up the dining room[3] for an evening soiree. Another tip—yes I’m going to  say it—candles. Particularly candelabrum work wonderfully as decorative accessories and create a romantic atmosphere. At our Supper Club, we handed out paperback copies of The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald, but handing out books at a home party could get pricy. Little gifts are everywhere, find something small and sweet and place it in the middle of the plate at each person’s place setting.[4] Decorate your home with framed menus, appropriate quotes, or something else for a little whimsy. At OE we put the drink menu in these great frames from Marshall’s—inexpensive and still chic.  The finishing touches on our little speakeasy was the password.

Supper Club


Sup Club

[1] Have you caught the theme these past two posts?

[2] Obvi, flappers were in so everyone came dressed all vamped up.

[3] And no, please no plastic table cloths like at your four-year-old birthday party.

[4] Party favors… hey hey hey!


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