Do the Deco

The countdown has begun for Baz Luhrman’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby[1] and we are falling in love  with this potentially iconic vision of a clean-shaven Leo in a tip-top suit a la Jay Gatsby wink-smiling  out at us in front of a wonderfully complex geometric puzzle of brass.

leonardo dicaprio the great gatsby

Also we are responding by falling back in love with Art Deco. This lovely art movement came about in the roaring 1920s, an interesting post-/inter-war time when the drinks were flowing,[2] the Charleston was hoppin’, and architecture and design were blossoming into a modern bevy of beauty! Art Deco seems to be the lovechild of crafty patterns hailing from the remnants of Art Nouveau while also embracing industrial styles as well. Geometric motifs were blown up and emphasized with sharp black and white contrasts, gilded patterns and brassy décor. These geometric patterns were also influenced by various art movements[3] from earlier in the 20th century: Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending Stairs  can be seen as a clear reference point where defined space emphasizes movement by using geometry.



ANYWAY, we are thoroughly enjoying both images from the past and present as we begin to adopt these styles into our every day homes.












[1] Which is sure to be nothing short of over-the-top.

[2] Illegally in the US

[3] Cubism, Futurism, etc


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