Pattern Happy

Bold designs, color, and exciting furniture have been major components on this blog thus far. Taste and tact are vital in designing a room with these aspects but we encourage them because they are exciting. Neutrals can be classic and lovely too[1] yet a splash of something new is surprising and unique. And lucky for you, today we’re discussing the wild interior fashion that is pattern mixing. Guess what! We love it![2] Now, there are ways to pump up the volume on this trend AND ways to quiet it down. When mixing pattern, colors can be outrageous and also fun. When you put different colors together it’s smart to make sure they play off each other quite nicely: the easiest way to do this is to compare them right next to each other. However, before this process even begins, consulting a color wheel is a great idea. Color theory doesn’t have to be the defining moment in your color/pattern selection but it is helpful to know that, for example, blue and orange are complementary colors AKA they are opposites thus when you put them together they are especially bright. But there are more color combos than just complementary and you can find great ways to look at color here. I love using split complementary colors because they tend to be unusual combinations but work in MAGICAL ways. Another pattern mixing tip is to use patterns that differ in size. Using a small print on a sofa with a larger print on a pillow creates a dynamic relationship of size.

collaged-color-wheel-web (1)

Now, for those of us who are a bit timid towards these feral trends, I would say take it slow. Take your time; start with a less permanent style. Perhaps begin in the bedroom, a private space, with linens. Try a patterned duvet cover with some different pillows, or curtains even. Start with a single chair in your living room and throw a patterned pillow on the sofa opposite. Things like rugs can also be a great place to start.[3] Or even begin in neutrals like grey, white and black and build your way up to using color prints. And seriously, you don’t need to go coocoo-bananas with prints, but they can add a textural, colorful and exciting aspect to any room.


See what I mean about complementary colors?


Start with a few pillows…










Next thing you know you’ll be here! Ta-da!

[1] And don’t get us wrong, we love them too but…

[2] Are you shocked?

[3] Build it from the floor up WINK


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