Embolden Your Home

The history of furnishings is fascinating because it relies on individual taste and timely trends. But furniture is also where we live our lives. At the office, we sit in chairs at desks surrounded by book shelves. At home we lie in bed and reach for a book by the light of a lamp. These objects inform the way we live, determine our level of comfort and act as manifestations of our attitude towards space. That’s why I love statement pieces. Yes, we love a Louis chair here and there (especially when it’s upholstered in a bright new fabric) but we see it often. Differing shapes and wild designs keep us on our toes and add a bit of spice to every day décor. Obviously color in itself can be a radical statement (see Color Me ____) but individual pieces of furniture are exciting and challenging. Chairs tend to be very exciting for me because there are so many rad, unique chairs out there.[1] Contemporary designs have become extremely creative and futuristic looking. There are tons of ways to create a design moment in your home. Bold pieces are fun and so exciting, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

The Peacock Chair
I think for me this piece is dramatic because of the color/size combo of the headboard. It just begs to be the only piece in the room (which as you can see, it basically is).
Even though this design is quite classic the shape is still so original and something you rarely see.
PD_12632_MAIN kgb11-545x382
The color is obviously bright but the foot of that couch is sassy as can be. It’s almost like the sofa is wearing a high heel, which I love.
Curve-Chair EDC090112Wearstler14-xln
I think for me, the statement here is the floor. That design is so beautiful and so unique, it speaks for itself.
Gotta love an enormous purple mirror.
hooded chair_2.jpg09efbd36-80cc-4a3e-abec-707985f06c34Large
I know this chair looks a bit messy here. But I think in the right space it would be a show stopper. In fact if you go to the Campana Brothers website you can find how cool it looks in the Anemonas section under Projects.
Not exactly a statement, but still a new interesting chair.
I love this chair because it reminds me of women crossing their legs.
This final image is a lot to take in but that corset chair just drew my eye and I love it. The shape is so similar yet so transformed from a traditional design. It’s just plain wunderbar.

[1] When I say rad, you better believe I mean it. 


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