Oh my Geode

The infamous Michelangelo once said that “every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” For this artistic genius, the sentiment rings quite true as he left behind loads of both finished and unfinished block of marble, some completed and standing whole in the round, others merely straining to release themselves from marble shells.

michaelangelo unfinished

What is clear from Michelangelo’s statements is that stones can speak to us in different ways: for him it was for carved beings to emerge from marble, but for most of us we see rock differently. The Baroque master sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini used marble both to carve beautiful sculptures but also as a unique mode of decor in the 17th century. Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale in Rome is a perfect of example of using various stones in the sense of complex decor.

andrea al quirinale

Here, Bernini uses rose-colored marble in the columns to illuminate and emphasize the altar but continued to use white marble from Carrara elsewhere in the church to add contrast.

Enough with the art history. Our topic today, obviously, is stone. We love to use various types of stone in different decor, as long as they “speak” to us.” For example, your home countertop could be granite, marble or something else but stones can make for beautiful homes. We love this rose quartz bathroom counter: so unique and stands out so beautifully against the white porcelain sink and black tiling!


But stone can be used in the home in other ways than just a countertop or floor tiling. Geodes (which are rocks that have a rocky look on the outside but contain raw gemstones, crystals and other minerals on the inside) can work as great decor items for any home with any color scheme. These stones are so interesting in their shapes: the way that some form so geometrically while others are just jagged rock create dynamic space in your home. We use a lot of geodes at OE and in homes. How would you use geodes?

geode 13

Love the square shapes that this rock makes.

geode 10

geode 7

Our favorite color of the season, malachite!

geode 3

geode 2

geode 9

geode 8

geode 11


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