The Emerald Style

What does 2013 have in store? As 2012 comes to a close (perhaps not just the year but the world according to our ancient Mayan sources…) we look forward to the future and what’s to come. Now, all you have to know for 2013 is green. So think green. In particular, think emerald green.[1] Pantone, the “authority on color,” has announced that emerald is the color of 2013.


I love emerald. Not only is it a bold, deep, beautiful hue but it is also sharp, crisp and elegant. It works so well with interiors because it responds so well to various types of light and dark: it’s dark enough not to get washed out in bright light but it’s also bright enough to maintain its brilliance in the dark. Obviously the color’s name comes from the beautiful stone, which has various symbolic meanings from culture to culture. In ancient Rome emerald was the sacred stone of Venus, the goddess of love. Any green gemstone in the Hindu religion represents the heart chakra which is reflected in our relationships both with ourselves and others.[2] And let us not forget that green is the color of plants and the earth, of growth and renewal.

ANYWAY, in addition to emerald we here at Oxford Design are also strong advocates for malachite green which is about a shade shy of emerald. Malachite is another chunky mineral rock that is bright green and can be really quite lovely when it’s smoothed down.


Both emerald and malachite work wonderfully in interiors adding a fresh pop of color or playing well of the other colors in the same space. Green tiling, drapes, upholstery, pillows, and even walls can make for an exciting home and makes for great conversation when someone visits your house in 2013![3]




kelly green emerald interior design curtains drapes dining room grey gray





[1] However, we will not only be promoting emerald green but malachite. Stay tuned…

[2] The seven chakras are balance points in the body which circulate energy.

[3] “Love this green! How’d you get the idea?” “Oh just this awesome blog that told me about how emerald/malachite is the color of 2013” “OMG show me this blog!” “Ok, let’s look right now!” “Cool I’m going to tell all my friends!”


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