Color Me ______

Neutral colors make for beautiful homes. Grays, black, white, beige—they always seem to work. But they also tend towards the boring side if you have quite traditional pieces. A wonderful way to bring a breath of fresh air into your home is with color.

There are so many routes one can take with color. If you’re a minimalist, pillows can serve as beautiful accents adding just a splash of brightness to draw the eye. Keeping furniture neutral but choosing a bright hue for the walls is another way to maintain a classic interior but breathe new life into it for a modern twist. Upholstery can also add a punch of color to any room–dining, living, or bed. Just pick a bold fabric and experiment!

Most of the time when I think of colorful interiors, I think of kids’ rooms, but color can be applied in a mature to way to create a playful yet adult home. Kelly Wearstler has the amazing ability to create the most colorful rooms yet still keep it grown-up and chic. Colors really draw your eye in a room of neutrals but they also have the capacity to play off one another. Don’t be afraid of the bright!



Purple bathroom








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