Comfort Ability

Winter is the season of cozy. Whether in warm or cold climate, the sun sets earlier and the long evenings seem like the perfect time to snuggle up and read a book, watch a movie, or ponder with your pet. A good way to create comfort at home is by adding cozy accessories to various spaces for example, tossing a throw over a chair, sofa or bed is not only functional but fashionable.

Knit Throw

Barc Chair


One of the most comfortable spaces you can inhabit is the nook. There are a plethora of nook types (breakfast nook, reading nook, window nook), but not all houses/apartments have one already built in to the architecture. However, it’s easy to create your own faux-nook if you so desire. A day-bed and some curtains is really all you need to enclose a space and make it feel small but open. This sort of Moroccan-inspired nook is a great example.

Morroccan nook

Whether you’re one of the lucky ones who already has a beloved nook carved out or not, these spaces can be both minimal in décor or full of interesting objects like books, art, or candles to create comfortable and cozy space.

Small space


Minimal nook

Light is another way to create a warm space. Natural light and large windows are always a positive and during the daytime let it shine! In the evening lamps and candles emit a soft luminescence that creates a soothing environment. I know I keep talking about candles, but the glow they give off is so gentle that I can’t/won’t give up on telling you to include them in your home.  We all know candles can be magical, even the collection of wax around the base can look super cool.


barolo candles

Here are some more images I grabbed from Pinterest that exude comfort!



Blanket pillow

Cozy Living


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