Holiday Charm vs. Holiday Alarm

Christmas is an explosion. An explosion of joy, of families begrudging one another, of shopping, and of food: Christmas could probably serve as the definition of consumption. Additionally, Christmas is an explosion of decorations including but not limited to cartoon Santas, green-and-red everything, candy canes, rainbow lights, plastic reindeer on the lawn, faux snow on the roof (in warmer climates), and nutcrackers galore. This is a lot.

Remember the Home Alone house? (If you haven’t seen this worthy film, I suggest you watch it immediately. Immediately.)  That house was literally a Christmas house. Nearly everything was red, green and gold including wallpapers, upholstery, pillows, linens, rugs. Can you imagine existing there permanently, not to mention living there throughout the entire year? On top of the enduring Christmas color palette, this house was drowning in overwrought Christmas decorations. Gifts and wreaths and angels and poinsettia, every ornament fighting for air to breathe and be its own entity. It’s enough to make you ‘oy.’ My first piece of holiday décor advice would be: do not design your year-round home in the style of Christmas; the second bit: keep it simple.
home alone house

The holidays don’t have to be an eruption of red and green. Come New Year’s Eve, don’t your eyes hurt from the complementary color extravaganza? Now if you love this because it only comes once a year and you must go all out, then by all means, do what you have to do. But for a lighter-handed touch and simple yet chic holiday décor my answer for the season is white.

White. It goes with everything. There’s even a holiday saying that goes with it, so if ever you need to explain yourself just say “Duh, white Christmas…” White stands out sharply against an evergreen and it exudes the essence of clean. There are plenty of Christmas decorations (as snow tends to be linked to Christmas) so shopping for new décor shouldn’t prove impossible. Additionally, if you’re a mensch searching for a way to spice up your home for Chanukah, white is already in your color scheme.

A way to easily incorporate white into your home is light. White candles in various shapes and sizes can be found from the Dollar Tree to Neiman Marcus. Accessorizing your home with candles during the holidays is a simple yet elegant way of celebrating the season. Use them as a center piece on your dining table, above the mantle on your fireplace, on a console, there are endless ways to place a candle. If you’re Jewish, candles are already on your list and you can emphasize the festival of light by adding more. If you hate fire, get the electric candles or hang up some string lights. Okay, I hate myself for loving string lights but I’m drawn to them like a mosquito to a bug-zapper. I just feel that, as long as they’re all white, and they are placed appropriately, white Christmas lights can be stylish. These soft lights become very cozy in the evening as you snuggle up under a warm blanket.

Your Christmas tree (or Chanukkah bush) can anchor your living room by using the above-mentioned string lights, ornaments or even random objects from around the house. Nothing says classy like pearls and they are a very feminine way to ornament your tree. You can also just place them with your candle centerpiece on the table for a little extra oomph. Simple is stylish and white keeps your home feeling clean and sharp yet still festive.

Below are some images I snatched up from around the internet for you to muse at. Remember to visit our Pinterest for more pinspiration. Bonne chance!

christmas tree

Christmas lights


white and green


tea lights

White decor

holiday decor

String lights

west elm flatware


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